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The District's Students Earned More Scholarship Money in 2008 Than Ever Before!

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Von Travis Crawford Valedictorian Stall HS.JPGThe District's Students Earned More Scholarship Money in 2008 Than Ever Before!

Charleston County School District (CCSD) seniors received a total of $42,257,783 in scholarships in 2008. This amount- an increase of $5,934,282 over the previous year- is the highest amount CCSD graduates have ever obtained!

Each year, CCSD high schools record and submit scholarship data to the district's Office of Guidance and School Counseling, which compiles the data into a district-wide report. Each high school's guidance director provides information including the student's name, type of scholarship, and the amount of individual scholarships accepted.

CHARITY CHISOLM, BURKE HIGH, VALEDICTORIANColleges, universities, private citizens, civic groups, PTSA groups, fraternities and sororities, foundations, endowment funds, alumni association, and other groups have continued to recognize students who exemplify outstanding leadership and academic abilities. Life, Hope, and Palmetto Fellowship awards have also allowed hard-working students to afford and attend higher education. An expansion of business and school partnerships has provided additional annual scholarship opportunities.

"We are immensely proud of our students for obtaining these monies, and we are grateful for their families and the organizations who have made these funds possible. Especially in times of economic uncertainty, these funds are extremely important," said Rodney Burnell, Valedictorian 08 ST. JOHN'S HSCandy Bates-Quinn, CCSD's Coordinator of Guidance and School Counseling. " In preparing students for higher education, counselors at all levels--elementary, middle, and high-- are encouraging students to take rigorous and relevant courses. We truly owe our high school counselors a very special thank you for all of their assistance in helping students apply for and secure these scholarships. More than ever before, these hard-working professionals are constantly exploring additional funding opportunities and encouraging our graduates to reach their full potential."

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