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Meet the Teacher Forum Leadership Team

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Meet the Teacher Forum Leadership Team

Over 3,500 teachers work every day to deliver quality instruction across Charleston County School District (CCSD).  As part of their ongoing efforts to offer support to their peers— as well as prospective teachers, parents, other staff, and community members— the members of the 2008-2009 CCSD Teacher Forum Leadership Team have created an online resource which will be available throughout the year.  

The Leadership Team consists of the five “Honor Roll” teachers (the top five finalists for CCSD Teacher of the Year) from the current year, as well as the five "Honor Roll" teachers from the previous year.  These teachers represent different backgrounds, teaching styles, and areas of expertise but are all great examples of "Charleston Achieving Excellence."

The new Teach Forum webpage introduces each of these stellar professionals.  The page includes photos, video clips (just click on the pictures!), current contact information, members' advice, and thoughts on teaching in Charleston.  Each Leadership Team member encourages you to contact them if you want to “talk” teaching, have any questions about how they teach effectively, or just want to connect with someone who is achieving “Victory in the Classroom!”

The page also has a link to The Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement (CERRA), which offers an online forum for teachers to communicate with peers across the state. 

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