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Meet CCSD's New Principals!

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Meet CCSD's New Principals!

CCSD Lead Photo August 21, 2008

Charleston County School District (CCSD) is proud to introduce our dynamic and experienced leaders who will serve as new principals, interim principals, and assistant principals during the 2008-2009 school year.

Judith Peterson Name: Judith Peterson Position: Principal School: Academic Magnet High School

Rodney Moore Name: Rodney Moore Position: Interim Principal School: Angel Oak Elementary

Kevin Conklin Name: Kevin Conklin Position: Principal School: Belle Hall Elementary

Beth McCraw Name: Beth McCraw Position: Principal School: Burns Elementary

Robert Grimm Name: Robert Grimm Position: Principal School: C.E. Williams Middle

Latetia Staggers Name: Latetia Staggers Position: Interim Director School: Child Family Development Center

Perren Peterson Name: Perren Peterson Position: Principal School: Fraser Elementary

Diane Ross Name: Diane Ross Position: Interim Principal School: Goodwin Elementary

Susan Miles Name: Susan Miles Position: Principal School: Jane Edwards Elementary

Lynn Owings Name: Lynn Owings Position: Principal School: James Simons Elementary

Chris Swetckie Name: Chris Swetckie Position: Interim Principal School: McClellanville Middle

Anthony Dixon Name: Anthony Dixon Position: Interim Principal School: Memminger Elementary

Myrna Caldwell Name: Myrna Caldwell Position: Principal School: Murray Hill Academy

Fred Moore Name: Fred Moore Position: Principal School: North Charleston High

Jennifer Swearingen Name: Jennifer Swearingen Position: Interim Principal School: Oakland Elementary

Melvin Middleton Name: Melvin Middleton Position: Interim Principal School: Sanders-Clyde Elementary

James Reinhart Name: James Reinhart Position: Principal School: School of the Arts

Mark Shea Name: Mark Shea Position: Interim Principal School: St. Andrew's Math and Science

Adrian Busch Name: Adrian Busch Position: Principal School: St. Johns High

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