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Lead Story June 16, 2009

Academic Magnet High School Ranked 12 Nationally!

Academic MagnetNewsweek magazine has again ranked North Charleston's Academic Magnet High School among the top 12 schools in the country and the top-rated high school in the state for 2009!

Each year, Newsweek produces a “Challenge Index,” an annual ranking of the top 1500 public high schools in the nation based on rigorous course offerings and how all students perform in those courses.  The magazine’s  formula ranks schools according to a ratio that looks at the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and other college-credit assessments taken by all students at the school and then divides that figure by the number of graduating seniors from the previous year.  

Newsweek surveyed more than 27,000 high schools in the United States, and the listed schools represent the nation’s top 5 percent of public high schools. This year’s index includes the names of 1,480 public high schools. This year, 22 South Carolina schools were included in the list.  The state had 16 schools on the list in 2007 and 21 ranked in 2008.

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