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CCSD Celebrates International Reading Day

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CCSD Celebrates International Reading Day

CCSD Celebrates International Reading DayCCSD Celebrates     International Reading DayInternational Literacy Day is observed each year on September 8th and was first celebrated in 1967.  The day promotes an appreciation of reading and the importance of literacy worldwide. 

Throughout the year, Charleston County schools hold activities that foster a love of reading.  For example, Fraser Elementary held a Media Center Open House on Friday, August 22.  Staff members dressed up as favorite book characters, read books, and led discussions throughout the day.  The open house sparked great enthusiasm for reading and allowed students to learn about the valuable media resources available throughout the year.

CCSD Celebrates International Reading DayCario Middle School has planned various simple activities to observe International Literacy Day throughout the week.  The fun includes the following:

  • ParentLink calls will be used to encourage family members to read with their children this week.
  • Statistics and information about literacy were posted on the school's website.
  • Teachers are urging students to read a book this week. Students are encouraged to talk about one of their favorite books or the work they are currently reading.
  • A school book drive will be held.
  • On Tuesday, each class period will begin with the teacher sharing a two-minute excerpt from a favorite novel.
  • CCSD Celebrates International Reading DayIn 8th grade, all classrooms will have SAT vocabulary words posted on their walls and in the media center.  Other grade levels are encouraged to post vocabulary words on their walls as well.
  • Subject area and related arts teachers will discuss how literacy is important in careers related to that area of study.
  • Drawings will be held for donated gift certificates or other reading-related prizes.

Does your favorite school celebrate International Literacy Day or the joy of reading in creative ways?  Share with us—and the CCSD community— by calling the Office of Communications at 937-6304.

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