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CCSD Teams Up with Roper St. Francis 8/01/2012

CCSD and Roper St. Francis Team Up!

CoachesOnly a year after its formation, the partnership between CCSD and Roper St. Francis has proven to be a huge success. The program, Safe Play for Sports Health, began last July with 7 schools, and has now expanded to 10 schools with all district schools having access to athletic trainers. Certified athletic trainers work hand-in-hand with CCSD coaches and athletes to ensure safety during games and practices.

The program emphasizes educating students on preventative measures, which reduces the need for emergency reactive care. Areas of focus for the program are heat-related illnesses, proper hydration, and head/brain injury management. Many injuries are treated immediately, which reduces both the recovery time and the seriousness of the injury.

Danielle Greenman, the Sports Medicine Coordinator at Roper St. Francis says, “first and foremost, we want to take care of student athletes in Charleston County, and create an environment for them with appropriate medical coverage, as well as be a resource for them to help improve their general health and wellbeing as a member of the community.”

Dave Spurlock, the Physical Education/Athletics Learning Specialist for the district, is excited about the program’s success, and accounts much of it to the dedication of the trainers. He states that the trainers “put in a lot of time, working every school day, sometimes until 10 p.m.” He said that because of the quick action of an athletic trainer, a student’s life was saved at practice last year after the student suffered from a severe heat related problem.

The Safe Play for Sports Health Program is a great example of what can be accomplished when we team up with community partners in an effort to support our students. Clearly, both our student athletes and partners at Roper St. Francis know the importance of teamwork!

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