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2012 Summer Meal Program 7/10/2012

2012 Summer Meal Program

Summer Workers

Pasta, corn on the cob, and fresh whole pears are on today’s menu at summer programs across the county—a meal looking completely different than those in past summers where students could expect a bagged lunch containing a cold sandwich.

This summer, students are eating hot meals like, Hot “Diggity” Dogs, Uncle Al’s BBQ Baked Chicken, or today’s meal, Toni’s Beefaroni.

Students in LunchroomJeremy Tunstill, Field Supervisor in the department of Food and Nutrition Services says, "Providing healthy, home-made summer menu options -- like our herb roasted chicken with fresh fruit, milk, and applesauce -- has really helped increase participation.”

To put things into perspective, last summer, on average, 2,700 breakfasts and 3,500 bagged lunches were served daily. This year, 3,450 breakfasts and 4,100 hot lunches are being served each day—a 15 percent increase in lunches and almost a 20 percent increase in breakfasts.

Students come from all around the county. There are 10 schools with summer programs that provide hot meals twice a day. In addition, 146 other summer programs housed in churches and community centers take advantage of this opportunity.

Hunger does not take a vacation. That's a tough reality for some children in the community and the summer program helps "bridge the nutritional gap" children might face when they aren't in school. Eating breakfast and lunch through the summer program allows children to have at least two full meals a day year-round.

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