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July 25, 2011

Meet Our New Leaders!- Part 3

In the final installment of Charleston County School District's (CCSD's) three-part series on new school and program administrators, learn about four leaders who are busy preparing to welcome students on August 16!

And in case you missed them, be sure to catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 of the series.

C. C. Blaney Elementary

Reggie TerryName & Position: Reggie Terry, principal

About This Leader: Ms. Terry's professional background includes 25 years of corporate management experience in addition to over ten years in the education field. Her degrees include a Masters of Arts in Human Resource Department and Management, an Educational Specialist degree in Curriculum and Educational Leadership in both elementary and secondary education, and a PhD in Business Administration. Before being named to this position at Blaney Elementary, Terry participated in CCSD's Principals for Tomorrow training and served as an assistant principal at Baptist Hill Middle/High School as well as the interim principal at Sanders Clyde Elementary/Middle School. In her personal time, she loves reading, traveling, exploring different cultures, and experimenting in the kitchen with different cooking techniques.

In Her Words:

  • What excites you most about being a new principal at your school? "I am excited about my assignment at Blaney, because it allows me to return to the District 23 Hollywood/Ravenel area. I have already received a very warm welcome from many members of community and from staff members."
  • What are your big-picture goals for this year? "My biggest goal is to continue to work with the school's reading and writing workshop across all grade levels. This program will provide a strong foundation for all academic areas for our students. My second goal is to focus on the Sixth Grade Academy and the sixth grade sections to prepare students for middle school at Baptist Hill. As a former secondary school administrator, I realize the crucial roles that extensive instruction in literacy and content curriculum play for students entering middle school. My third goal is to continue to support a strong community-based school for all stakeholders."
  • What message do you have for the parents and students of your school? "I am committed to partnering with parents in providing the best education possible for all children."

Liberty Hill Academy

Sara JammeName & Position: Sarah Jamme, interim program coordinator

About This Leader: Ms. Jamme received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Winthrop University in Emotional Disabilities. After teaching in Florida for eight years, she returned to South Carolina and began her CCSD leadership journey. She graduated from the College of Charleston with a Masters of Education in learning disabilities and then was accepted into the ASIRE II Cohort at The Citadel and earned a Masters of Education in educational leadership. She recently completed CCSD's Principals for Tomorrow Program and enters into her new position with 22 years of experience in education and a passion for leading and learning.  Jamme emigrated here from England when she was five years old and spent her childhood in South Carolina. She was sworn in as an American Citizen thirteen years ago. Within the last year, her family has acquired a pop-up camper, with which she enjoys to camp with her family anywhere near a beach.  She has been married thirteen years and loves to spend time with two CCSD students- her daughters, Madeline (a rising sixth grader) and Charlie (a rising fifth grader). 

In Her Words:

  • What excites you most about being a new program director for the new school? "Liberty Hill Academy is a day treatment program which encompasses the whole child.   I’m excited about the challenge of raising the achievement (both academically and emotionally) through strong partnerships with Mental Health, Carolina Youth Development Center, Windwood Farm, Palmetto Low Country Behavioral Health, and the Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center."
  • What are your big-picture goals for this year? "I will focus on 1) incorporating elements of PBIS into our school-wide behavior plan, 2) working with students’ home schools to support transition back to a large school environment, and 3) increasing achievement through a rigorous and relevant curriculum."
  • What message do you have for the parents and students of your school? "Liberty Hill Academy offers an opportunity for individualized academic and emotional support. We encourage you to take full advantage of our menu of services."

North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary

Cathie MiddletonName & Position: Cathie Middleton, program director

About This Leader: Ms. Middleton will serve as the program director for North Charleston's newest partial magnet option, which will serve Kindergarten and first grade students in August 2011. North Charleston Creative Arts will offer high-quality teaching, while integrating the arts and creative disciplines across all subject areas.  Middleton is the perfect fit for this role, as she brings her expertise in marrying the arts with academic instruction as well as her extensive experiences as a teacher and academic leader. She started her 37-year career in Georgetown, South Carolina and moved to Charleston County in 1983.   She has taught every grade from Kindergarten to the eighth grade and has been named one of the district's Teacher of the Year finalists. She has served as a lead teacher as well as an interim principal. She has been the assistant principal at Ashley River Creative Arts for the past 12 years. In her personal time, she loves to spend time with her family, which includes her husband, two children, a daughter-in- law,and two grandchildren. She also enjoys spending time at Pawleys Island, cooking, gardening, and reading.

In Her Words:

  • What excites you most about being a new program director for the new school? "I most look forward to 1) spreading the message that arts integration is a wonderful philosophy of teaching and 2) helping with the district's vision of an arts-infused school in each geographic zone."
  • What are your big-picture goals for this year? "I want every North Charleston Creative Arts student to find success and feel valued and loved. Building a community of learners and supports for the new program will include the whole community."
  • What message do you have for the parents and students of your school? "We are embarking on a wonderful journey together during which your child will grow, learn, and be excited about school."

West Ashley Middle

LaCarma Brown McMilanName & Position: LaCarma Brown McMillan, interim principal

About This Leader: Ms. Brown McMillan begins her principalship after serving as the school's assistant principal for the past two years. Prior to her time at West Ashley Middle, she worked as the assistant principal at Brentwood Middle for four years and a site coordinator for the "Making Middle Grades Work" program. In her personal time, Brown McMillan enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and camping.

In Her Words:

  • What excites you most about being a new interim principal at your school? "I am excited about continuing to cultivate a positive learning environment for students and teachers."
  • What are your big-picture goals for this year? "My goals include 1) increasing parental involvement, 2) decreasing the achievement gap, and 3) expanding community outreach opportunities."
  • What message do you have for the parents and students of your school? "In this new role, my greatest commitment is to the children and families of West Ashley Middle. I look forward to partnering with the entire school community to ensure students' limitless opportunities for success."
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