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July 20, 2011

CCSD Outperforms State on PASS for Third Straight Year

CCSD Students prepare for the annual PASS assessmentsFor the third straight year, CCSD’s students earned higher “Exemplary” marks than their state peers in every subject and grade level tested by the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (“PASS”).  CCSD students also had higher “Met and Exemplary” scores than non-CCSD students in most grades and subjects tested. 

"I am encouraged that when it comes to the highest of scores, CCSD students continue to shine on the PASS," said Superintendent Nancy McGinley.  "I want to credit our hardworking teachers who bring a standard of excellence and high expectations into the classroom every day."

The PASS report showed persistent achievement gaps across all grades and subjects, and—reflecting a statewide trend—declines in reading scores.  "We must continue to confront and address these challenges," said Dr. McGinley.  "This year, we are going to launch a new five-year phase of our strategic plan which will include bold achievement goals for all students and a laser-like focus on literacy improvement and teacher effectiveness." 

CCSD students made significant progress in Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Overall achievement gaps between groups of students scoring Met and Exemplary decreased. In Math, the gap decreased nearly 3 points between white students and African-American students and over 3 points between white students and Hispanic students from 2010 to 2011.

8th grade students showed the most gains, including a reduction in the achievement gap between white students and their African-American and Hispanic peers in both Math and ELA.  "Each year, as we just saw with our MAP results, our 8th graders are more and more prepared to enter high school ready to succeed and get on track for college," said Dr. McGinley.

For more information, please visit the PASS site on the South Carolina Department of Education website.

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