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February 7, 2011

Walking In My Shoes

Teachers Receive a Day of Pampering While District Administrators Take On Their Roles

Walking In My ShoesOn Friday, January 28, three Charleston County School District (CCSD) administrators participated in the “Walking In My Shoes” program during which they each took over the normal responsibilities of a first-year induction teacher. 

The event is part of the Teacher Induction and Preparation Support (TIPS) program. By coupling TIPS with the ongoing support provided by school-based and learning community leadership, CCSD works to ensure that beginning educators will gain accelerated success and effectiveness, as well as greater self-confidence during the first year of their new career.

The "Walking In My Shoes" teachers were selected randomly through a drawing. Each won a "Walking In My Shoes Pampering Package," made possible thanks to the donations and partnerships of Seeking Indigo, Hyman's Seafood, Gilligan's, Cupcake, and Massage Envy. The teachers were:

  1. Krista Guy, a first grade teacher at Midland Park Primary;
  2. Daniel Parks, a seventh grade social studies teacher at West Ashley Middle; and
  3. Ashlee Pitman, a dance educator at the School of the Arts.

Personal Reflections of "Walking In My Shoes" Participants

Read personal reflections about these rare and invaluable experiences!

  • Sarah Earle, CCSD Retention Specialist (former high school French teacher walking in the shoes of a middle school social studies teacher)
  • Curtis Pelham, CCSD Retention Specialist (former first grade teacher walking in the shoes of a high school dance studio instructor)
  • Ashlee Pitman, Dance Educator at School of the Arts
  • Melissa Parrish, CCSD Team Associate for Induction and Mentoring (former high school English teacher walking in the shoes of a first grade teacher)
  • Beth McCraw, Principal at Midland Park Primary
  • Krista Guy, First Grade Teacher at Midland Park Primary
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