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October 19, 2009

White Cane Safety Awareness Day

White Cane Safety Awareness DayWhite Cane Safety  Awareness DayWhite Cane Safety Awareness Day is an internationally-recognized day to celebrate the personal accomplishments and achievements of the users of the white cane or guide dog. The day is also to meant to build public awareness.

As part of its ongoing efforts to encourage students with visual impairments to properly use their canes for travel and safety, Charleston County School District (CCSD) has celebrated White Cane Day for the past seven years. Each year, the district hosts activities and an event, and Berkeley and Dorchester schools are invited to join in on these festivities.

White Cane Safety Awareness DayWhite Cane Safety Awareness DayEach year, CCSD offers a contest, usually involving writing to encourage Braille literacy. This year, contestants were asked to write a short fiction story that incorporated the white cane. The entries included great stories, and the students were recognized with a monetary prize, a pendant, and a certificate for their efforts. All of the students except one are in the ninth grade and above, so the top three received trophies. One elementary writer received first place in the Junior Division.

At this year's event, students participated in a march, listened to speeches about the importance of the day, and read their stories. The activities also included a showcase of talent, and several performers shared their musical skills with the crowd.

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