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May 7, 2010

CCSD Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

    Words of Thanks!- Posted May 7, 2010

  • Nathalie Bennett, W. B. Goodwin Elementary: [She] is always inspiring to all the students.  I also thank [her] for helping me when I need help on something like my math and other things that I need help on.  [She] is the hardest working teacher I have had in my life. Ms. Bennett is so smart and helps us with homework. If you have Ms. Bennett as a teacher, you wouldn't want to leave.  Ms. Bennett is so great because she teaches all her 5th grade students so well.  I want her to have a lot of fun during Teacher Appreciation Week!
  • Meaghan Bresnahan, Haut Gap Middle: [She] has taught several of my students over the past few years. She has always welcomed my students into her classroom providing each with guidance and direction.
  • Jenny DiNicola, Burke High School: [She] provides such a warm, safe, educational, and fun environment for her students. Her students know she cares about them, and she goes above and beyond to make sure they get what they need to be successful. I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you do!
  • Terrilyn Durham, Mt. Zion Elementary: for doing a great job teaching the students in your class. You make learning fun and enjoyable for your students. We appreciate all you do to help our children. HATS OFF TO YOU!
  • Judith Fisk, C. C. Blaney Elementary: She is an amazing teacher, She also goes above and beyond to educate the learning of students. Thanks for your continued support.
  • Tammie Granger, W.B. Goodwin Elementary:  for helping me learn more about computers because [she does] a good job. When I see you, I want to be a teacher in the computer lab.When I was in Mexico,I wanted to come here to see a teacher just like [her].  [She]is very successful and is very encouraging. She teaches my class and other classes tricks on the keyboard of the computer. She handles so many kids and has so much patience.
  • Janice Grathen, Haut Gap Middle: [She] is THE finest Media Center Specialist I have ever worked with! Our Media Center is the "hub" for everything happening at Haut Gap for students, staff, parents and our community. She always says "yes." She provides immeasurable support to all, she's funny, she's clever, and she is a "class act" in every educational venue. Haut Gap is so lucky to have her!
  • Christine Hoelle, North Charleston High: [She] is a kind and understanding teacher. She makes learning fun and interactive. During my years in her class I have seen her passion for educating. One of the best teachers I have ever had. She makes sure all of her students thoroughly understand the material and does anything she can to help them out. She cares deeply about all of her kids and would do anything to help them. Truly an exceptional educator and human being!
  • Lauren King, Stall High: [She] is an amazing first year teacher. She does such a great job with her planning, instruction, and classroom management that one might think she has been teaching for several years. She was definitely born to be a teacher!
  • Kelsey Kirkpatrick, W. B. Goodwin Elementary: [She] is my best teacher because she helps me with math problems. She always tells me that I can do it when I am sad.[She] is a nice teacher.  Even if we are acting up or talking back she still respects us. We respect her, too. Ms. Kirkpatrick taught us a lot this year. We love her for that.  When I am sad she talks to me.  Ms.Kirkpatrick is the best teacher because she makes work more cool, fun and easier.  My whole class loves her.  
  • Hunter Kite, James Simons Elementary: Our Book Buddy tutors are so impressed with what your students tell them when a new concept is introduced. You have done an excellent job of helping your students become independent learners. We appreciate your support of Book Buddies!
  • Carol Koontz, Lincoln Middle and High School: Over the years Carol has given more than her ALL to her students. She has high expectations and her students learn. She is willing to provide whatever the students might need and when they are in trouble she is someone they can count on. She understands the children out in McClellanville, and we are lucky to have her.
  • Gina Oliverio, James Simons Elementary: You are so organized that your students know what to expect from you and each day. You quietly and confidently approach your students, developing an educational environment in which they know you still care regardless of the choices they make. I appreciate all of your help this year with our Book Buddies!
  • Mary Ashley Rodriguez, Burns Elementary: [She] is so patient and hard-working. She develops fun, hands-on lessons that keep her students' interested in learning. She is constantly reflecting on her teaching and trying to improve as an educator. Her students all feel special when in her class.
  • Sandra Scagline, W. B. Goodwin Elementary: for all you did for me in third grade. I didn't want to leave because you were a great teacher. I know it was hard for you to come to my house in home school after you was helping kids after school and had to teach all day long.  I know that you could have just going home in relax, but you spend your free time coming to help me.   
  • Karen Stanley, North Charleston Elementary: for being my teacher this year. Thank you for helping me learn a lot in first grade. Thank you for always being nice, even when I get in trouble. You are the best, and I love you!
  • Karla Swain, Mt. Zion Elementary: for doing a great job teaching the students in your class. You make learning fun and enjoyable for your students. We appreciate all you do to help our children. HATS OFF TO YOU!
  • Karen Tinsley, Lambs Elementary: for teaching me how to play the violin.  I am not that really good at it, but am still learning how to play.  I hope next year I can see you at Jerry Zucker to have another year at it.  I love playing strings. 
  • Jenna Williams, St. James- Santee Elementary: Thank you for being here!
  • Jessica Wilson, James Simons Elementary: [She] is an energetic, enthusiastic teacher who focuses her students throughout the day on instruction and making the right decisions. She is a wonderful role model for educators, regardless of grade level or position. I so appreciate her willingness to help our Book Buddies this year. She was always willing to figure out what else we could try.
  • All Staff, Harborview Elementary: They are all dedicated, hard working, and caring. Victory is exhibited and observed in every class. It is an honor to work with these awesome teachers!
  • All Staff, North Charleston Elementary: The children at North Charleston Elementary School are lucky to have teachers that care about them, push them to do and be their best and go the extra mile. I am lucky to work with such an amazing group of professionals!
  • First Grade Team, Springfield Elementary: You all rocked first grade this year! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the students at Springfield. HIGH FIVE!
  • Fourth Grade Team, Stiles Point Elementary:for their dedication to and patience with the students. Working with great colleagues like them makes my job a lot easier. Their support makes SPES a great place to be, and the knowledge they share makes me a better teacher. Thanks, ladies!
  • The Child Find Teams: for being such a caring and professional group of people! You do a great job! Thank you.

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