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May 6, 2010

CCSD Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

    Words of Thanks!- Posted May 6, 2010

  • Katherine Anderson, Lowcountry Learning Community: for all your hard work and teacher support with the Third Grade Academy program in our learning community.
  • Erin Ardrey, W. B. Goodwin Elementary: Ms. Ardrey is my favorite teacher so far.   Thank you for teaching me and my class. I hope you have a great Teacher’s Appreciation Week.  I am so glad that I got picked to be in your class this year. This year I will pass and go to fifth grade.
  • Wanda Blackmon, Lowcountry Learning Community: for your vision and leadership with our classroom teachers and learning community with the Everyday Math Program.
  • Tammy Bloser, Lowcountry Learning Community: for supporting our early childhood teachers in our learning community with great professional development sessions and ongoing support with CD and Kindergarten TC Teams in efforts to improve the quality of instruction for the young child.
  • Amy Brunson, CTE Facilitator: for thinking good thoughts, speaking kind words and doing good deeds. Thank you for "being the change we need to see in the world."
  • Noelle Cannon, Lowcountry Learning Community: You have been a great support to many TC Teams in our learning community. Thank you for supporting the IRT's and their work with teachers in the classroom.
  • Michael Carey, North Charleston Elementary: He is a great role model and leader for our male students. He has rigorous but engaging lessons. He also meets his boys at Park Circle on Saturdays to play frisbee golf and then treats them to pizza afterwards. He is a perfect example of another teacher at NCES that goes the extra mile for his students! Thank you for all you do!
  • Kayela Clark, W.B. Goodwin Elementary: Ms. Clark is a teacher at Goodwin that teaches first grade. She gives you advice when you are sad.  She helps kids that need help.  She does not ignore kids that need help. I appreciate you! 
  • Christina Counts, Lowcountry Learning Community: for your continuous assistance and support of our induction and second year teachers in our learning community. You have provided specific support in curriculum and instructional practices with creative ideas that will help these new teachers become great teachers.
  • Kathleen Edlinski, Midland Park Elementary: Thank you for teaching me.  You’re the best! 
  • Erynn Estep, Mary Ford Elementary: She is absolutely awesome! She has created an art gallery at the school displaying all of the student's talented art. She also puts many of our students artwork on Artsonia. Lastly, she makes the cutest displays around the school! She truly is one of a kind!
  • Jill Fetsch, W.B. Goodwin Elementary: [She] is fun and the nicest teacher because she helps us learn new things.  Ms. Fetsch helps us with our math, problems, and science.  My whole class loves Ms. Fetsch. She can teach a lot of great things.  We did a good job all year long.  She tries very hard to get the whole class to get our math workbook done.  Her smile brightens the classroom.  I like how she does cool and fun stuff for us.
  • Fran Fisher, Drayton Hall Elementary: [She] freely shared her knowledge (and a considerable number of unit files!) with all her colleagues and personally helped me through a difficult first year of teaching 13 years ago. I have not met a teacher more dedicated to her students. She has inspired many students and teachers in her long service to Charleston County and will be truly missed.
  • Debbie Floyd, Academic Magnet High: She inspires my daughter to do her best everyday. She is an excellent role model, especially for girls interested in the traditionally male field of engineering.
  • Christine Hoelle, North Charleston High: [She] is the best French teacher I know! During my years at North Charleston High School, French was one of my favorite classes, and all because of Ms. Hoelle. She did a superb job at making learning exciting and relevant. Ms. Hoelle was always caring and interested in our learning. It wasn't just about teaching, it was her student's learning!
  • Paul Irwin, James B. Edwards Elementary: [He] is an exceptional educator.He also goes above and beyond to maintain the school webpage and assist with technology issues throughout the school.
  • Alethia Jefferson, Chicora Elementary School of Communication: for taken me under [her] wings since my first year at the school. [She has] supported me and given me countless encouragement and suggestions. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Words cannot express my many thanks.
  • Maureen Jessup, James Island Charter High: She is one in a million! I have worked with her since 2006 as a substitute teacher and Summer School teacher under her supervision.
  • Carol Killingsworth, Harborview Elementary: for giving my child the start to a great education and a desire for learning. She is a wonderful teacher who includes educational lessons as well as teaches manners and expected behaviors. She has been patient and kind and has fostered a love for reading for my child.
  • Abby Land, Angel Oak Elementary: [She] gives her best each day and expects the best from each child. My child was already performing above grade level and he has made large gains this year under Ms. Land's instruction. My child will enter middle school well-prepared.
  • Gerri Riley, Chicora Elementary School of Communication: for taken me under [her] wings since my first year at the school. [She has] supported me and given me countless encouragement and suggestions. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Words cannot express my many thanks.
  • Jennifer Rostin, James B. Edwards Elementary: [She] is an amazing teacher and always willing to help in any capacity at JBE.
  • Lane Rouse, Lincoln Middle and High: [She] is a wonderful colleague and "unofficial" mentor. She has always made herself available to answer any questions, share ideas and do what she can to help me learn to be a better teacher. I am very luck to have her as a friend and colleague. Our students are fortunate to have been in her classes.
  • Scott Rush, Wando High: [He] is an inspiration to Wando High School and each of his band students. He should be commended for the time that he devotes to the wonderful band program.
  • Carmen Sheppard, St. James- Santee Elementary: She fills so many roles at once it's hard to know how to thank her so Ill just say thanks for all you do. Our school wouldn't be the same without you.
  • Kevin Short, North Charleston High: [He] is an excellent science teacher. His creative lessons, preparedness, and dedication are just a few things that make him a great teacher!
  • Jennifer Simpkins, W. B. Goodwin Elementary: You taught me some things that are shocking to learn and you helped me during tough times. You are helping me prepare for my PASS test.
  • Jennifer Singleton, Mary Ford Elementary: She always has a smile on her face and kind words to offer teachers, students and parents. She is very supportive of school functions, all the teachers and can always be counted on in a pinch. She oversees student concerns, parental advocacy, does after school and is the modern day renaissance woman, she's amazing and so appreciated!
  • Ellen Walton, Drayton Hall Elementary: for her many years of service to the children of Charleston County. She was a mentor to me when I came on board her first grade team 13 years ago and has remained a trusted colleague and friend. She will be missed, but she has earned her upcoming retirement.
  • Sue Weitz, Murray LaSaine Elementary: for being a great teacher! She is always professional, hard-working, organized, and helpful. She works hard to make sure her students learn and enjoy school. Keep up the good work, Ms. Weitz!
  • Isaiah Whaley, Military Magnet Academy: for giving my brother the rank of Colonel. That was very nice of you to do that!   When I go to sixth grade, I want to be in Alpha just like my brothers.  When I go to Military Magnet Academy, I am going to say left, right. 
  • Salondra Wigfall, Liberty Hill Academy: [She] is a very passionate and dedicated teacher. She is very enthusiastic about teaching and educating her students. She is very dedicated to her profession and it shows in the classroom. You are appreciated !
  • Shantia Wilder, Chicora Elementary School of Communication: for taken me under [her] wings since my first year at the school. [She has] supported me and given me countless encouragement and suggestions. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Words cannot express my many thanks.
  • Betsy Wilson, Wando High: for being an inspiration to me! I learned so much from her while being a Teacher Cadet over 5 years ago and I continue to learn from her and put her teachings into practice each and every day as a teacher! She is an amazing teacher and an unbelievable person! I was thankful to have her as a teacher while in school, and I am thankful today to have her as a friend and colleague! Thank you, Mrs. Wilson!
  • Meghan Zarrillo, West Ashley High: [She] has gone above and beyond to encourage my child to be the best student possible.
  • Related Arts Team, Charleston Progressive Academy: Ms. Puza, Ms. Gibbs, Ms. Simmons, and Ms. Gilchrist your support to the instructional staff at CPA is the glue that binds us all! We love and appreciate all that you do!
  • All Staff, Chicora Elementary School of Communications: for everyone who made my transition to the school easy. All staff gave me a warm welcome and I enjoyed my first year. Now I am back again because of the encouraging, friendly, and helpful staff at the school. I have to thank Mrs. Hendrix for all her helpful feedback that helped mold me into a better more effective teacher. Go Eagles!
  • All Teachers and Assistants, East Cooper Montessori Charter: You have made education a fun and fulfilling word in our students' lives. Thank you for all you do, above and beyond any expectations. You make our students and our community better each and every day!
  • English Department, James Island Charter High: The department is TOP NOTCH! I have taught there full-time in the past and substituted often, both long-term and short-term.
  • All Staff, Mary Ford Elementary: You rock! Keep up the good work!
  • All Staff, Mary Ford Elementary: To some of the hardest working educators I have ever seen, you deserve a huge HIGH FIVE for all that you do everyday!
  • First and Second Grade Team, Mary Ford Elementary: These teachers do such a great job teaching their students and preparing them for the next grade. Keep up the great work!
  • All Staff, Pepperhill Elementary: for making Pepperhill Elementary the best place ever to work. Children's lives are being changed. I see it every day. I am so proud to be a member of this terrific team!

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