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May 4, 2010

CCSD Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

    Words of Thanks!- Posted May 4, 2010

  • Emily Baker, West Ashley High: [She] has jumped in with both feet in her teaching career and has been a model first year teacher. It is evident that she truly cares about her school and her students. She has taken on a new program and has contributed to it's success with her creativity and understanding of her students.
  • Lindsay Beck, Mitchell Math and Science Elementary: [She] is exceptionally motivated and dedicated to providing ALL students in Charleston County School District with active learning experiences. She has brought vision and leadership to a district-wide physical education program grant application. She is a role-model for everyone who works with her!
  • Gwendolyn Benton, Title I Parenting: She has a true passion for helping and I really appreciate her going the extra mile for me.
  • Abbie Buckheister, Sullivan's Island Elementary: [She] is a great team member who always has a positive attitude and always promotes team work among staff and students.
  • Judy Callan, Sullivan's Island Elementary: [She] is a wonderful teacher who is always reliable and full of wonderful ideas!
  • Erica Ciucci, Ft. Johnson Middle: [She] is exceptionally motivated and dedicated to providing her students with school-to-career opportunities. In a climate of budget cuts, she aggressively seeks out grant funding to continue to provide high-quality experiences for her students. While the world of grants is filled with wins and losses (often, more losses than wins),she relentlessly continues to apply for grants. She goes above and beyond!
  • Chad Counts, Mitchell Math and Science Elementary: [He] is an inspiration. He is always on the go and thinking of ways to improve education for his students. He works around the clock to create innovative new ways to reach students with special needs. He is gifted in using technology to reach students. The nice thing is he shares what he knows with fellow teachers.
  • Nancy Cunnane, Sullivan's Island Elementary: [She] encourages her students to be the very best citizens they can be!
  • Cara Dixon, Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary: [She] has been a wonderful educator to push my child further! My child has grown to be an independent reader far above the grade level. Ms. Dixon has differentiated instruction with my child's strengths in mind which has allowing opportunities to blossom and not grow bored.
  • Lori Essenberg, Murray-LaSaine Elementary: [She] is one of the most dedicated teachers I know. She goes above and beyond the basic requirements of a teacher. She involves the community and family members to help her classroom, school and families of the students at her school. Her students always perform well on testing, and I wish we still taught at the same school so she could teach my child!
  • Rebecca Evans, North Charleston Elementary: [She] has worked really hard with her Third Grade Academy students. She is taking them to Sea World as their reward for working hard and doing their best. This has been a long a difficult process. She has raised the funds for the trip with little assistance! I am really proud of her.
  • Lisa Harbeson, Sixth Grade Academy: [She is] an excellent teacher!
  • Camille Hendrix, Chicora School of Communications: She is a wonderful principal and a pleasure to work with. Ms. Hendrix gives great guidance and advice. I am thankful everyday for such a great mentor and principal!
  • Lynn Hudson, Belle Hall Elementary: I love Mrs. Hudson because she is so nice to me. She makes learning really fun. She is the best teacher in the world.
  • Sarah Hurst, Special Education Department Instructional Specialist: [She] is an inspiring teacher. She always offers to lend a hand or offer valuable advice at the perfect time! She has a very sweet disposition, which makes students and staff really enjoy time with her. She is a helpful and productive part of our class! We are very lucky to have teachers like her available for guidance.
  • Tiffany Jenkins, Lincoln Middle and High: for always displaying a positive attitude and always finding creative ways to engage your students. Your enthusiasm for your content area is contagious. Thanks for always setting high expectations for your students and engaging them in science outside the classroom.
  • Brenda Kay, Lincoln Middle and High: [She] is the consummate professional. Her lessons are very clear and well thought out. She is a tremendous asset to her school, and she is a wonderful mentor for a new teacher.
  • Sherrill Kirkland, W. B. Goodwin Elementary: for her outstanding leadership on the SMART and Everyday Math Lesson project. Her expertise in design is award winning, and we are so lucky to have her working to support the children of Charleston County! Students and teachers cannot wait to do Everyday Math each day.
  • Margy Leland, St. James Santee Elementary: She is going to retire next year. I'm going to miss her, her friendship, her help, and her smile. Best of luck!
  • Heather Little, Zucker Middle of Science: She has stepped up to the plate since she arrived at Zucker mid-way through the year. Ms. Little comes to school every day with a smile on her face, never complains, and is always willing to take on any task at hand. She is a wonderful team player here at Zucker Middle!
  • Vivian Mabry, Sixth Grade Academy: [She is] an excellent teacher!
  • Ian MacMichael, Lincoln Middle and High: for the amazing job that you do engaging students and maintaining their interest in the steel band. The concert performances have been a wonderful experience for our students. I see students' confidence building. Way to go, Mr. MacMichael!
  • Elaine Marchena, James Island Charter High: Having a teacher like Dr. Marchena has helped our family limit the downs and increase the ups in our lives. The very first day I witnessed her interacting with my child, I thought, “WOW... how does she do that?" Thank you so much, Dr. Marchena!
  • Annie Norman-Purvis, Lincoln Middle and High: for your dedication and commitment to the arts and your ability to communicate that commitment to your students. You are engaging students at Lincoln in some wonderful artistic experiences in and out of the classroom. Thanks for all you do.
  • Debbie Palmer, Sullivan's Island Elementary: [She] creates wonderful incentives and rewards for the readers at our school! These always encourage the students to try their best and find books that are on their level!
  • Anne Peterson, Zucker Middle of Science: [She] is perhaps the best teacher I've ever worked with! Her love of reading and knowledge of how to get her students engaged in the process of both is magical to watch.
  • Lacy Reece, Burke Middle and High: She is a very caring person and she's given her students with special needs lots of love and guidance. Lacy has been there for my class during [two] transitional periods. She offered her intensive help during these times because she really cares about the children. She has taught many valuable lessons to many students here at Burke.
  • Carlton Rice, Burke Middle School: Mr. Rice is an exceptional teacher! He is a first-year teacher who has confidence and knowledge beyond his years. He creates meaningful lessons for students daily in his PE class. He is a role model for students in our school. He takes time to work with all children and reach their needs.
  • Angele Robertson, Wando High: [She] is an exceptional teacher because she goes the extra mile for her students. She makes class fun and she is very approachable. Mrs. Robertson is an outstanding teacher because she really cares about her students.
  • Walker Russell, Sullivan's Island Elementary: [She] is a positive role model for her students and always wears a smile. She is a wonderful team mate who wants every child to be successful!
  • Kimberly Shattock, Belle Hall Elementary: [She] makes learning really really fun on the SMART Board. She is the kindest teacher in the world. I love first grade and Ms. Shattack.
  • Chvonne Simmons, St. Johns High: for your physical science collaboration and continued support.
  • Joyce Smith, Chicora School of Communications: [She] is a great mentor and friend. I enjoy working with her everyday. I don't know what I would do without her.
  • Tiffany Taylor, James Simons Elementary: for going above and beyond for the students at James Simmons. Seeing the passion that you have for your children should be shared with the entire district. All teachers need to have the love and dedication that you have for your students, so that all children could feel loved and cared for.
  • Mandy Turnbull, Zucker Middle of Science: She is extremely dedicated to her students and goes above and beyond the call of duty time and time again. Her creativity and passion allow her to excel at teaching her students Health and Physical Education. Thank you for your flexibility, hard work, dedication, and continuous kindness.
  • Deborah Volousky, Sixth Grade Academy: [She is] an excellent teacher!
  • All Special Area and Classroom Teachers, Chicora School of Communications: for the wonderful sense of family we have. Everyone goes the extra mile for our students, and we all work together. Thanks for all you do!
  • All Seventh Grade Staff, Daniel Jenkins Academy: You do an outstanding job everyday! Thanks for all you do for the students, parents and the way you support each other.
  • All Teachers, Garrett Academy of Technology: They go above and beyond the call of duty each day. You are each very much appreciated!!
  • All Teachers, Sanders-Clyde Elementary and Middle: Thank you for all that you do. You are truly appreciated!
  • All Teachers, St. John's High: And special thank you for their professionalism, kindness, and continued support.

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