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QT1805 Auditorium Projector and Lens for Charleston County School District

B1817 Furnish and Deliver Physical Security Supplies for Charleston County School District 

QT1804 Furnish and Deliver Epilog Fusion M2 32 50 watt Laser Engraving System for Charleston County School District

QT1803 Furnish and Deliver Graphtec FCX2000 Series Flatbed Cutting Plotters for Charleston County School District

QT1802 Furnish and Deliver DTG Digital M2 Garment Printer for Charleston County School District

B1816 District Wide Ground Cover for Charleston County School District 

B 1815 Provide and Install Promethean Panels for Charleston County School District 

QT 1801 Melco EMT16 PLUS Embroidery System

P1808 Disposal of Hazardous Material

P1814 Bucket Crane Truck Rentals

P1805 Public Safety Software

B 1810 Rifton Adapted/Assistive  Positioning and Mobility                               Equipment 

B 1811 Armstrong Medical Push Carts

P1804 Warehouse Equipment and Various MRO Supplies

P1803 Medicaid Documentation and Claims Software

B1807 Remediation and Restoration

B1806 Crane Rental

B 1805 District Wide Bids for Refurbishment of Football Helmets

B1804 District Wide Bids for String Instrument Repairs

P1802 Consulting Services to Implement and Support PacketFence Solution

P1801 Internet Based Human Resources Applicant Tracking System


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