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Student Transfer

Student Transfers for the 2017-2018 School Year

The application period for requesting student transfers closed March 31,2017

Transfer requests submitted prior to March 31, 2017, will be reviewed by CCSD Constituent Boards during the months of April and May. After all applications are reviewed, a lottery for each school will be conducted. It is projected that lotteries will be conducted prior to June 9, 2017, for all transfer schools. Notification of status for each application will occur within one week of lotteries being conducted. Each lottery will place students on an Accepted List or on a Waiting List.

All communication regarding the status of your child’s application will be through emails using the address identified in Smart Choice.
The student transfer application website will reopen on July 1st for parents to request student transfers.

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CCSD Policies Pertaining to Student Transfers

The Charleston County School District and its Board of Trustees provides an online policy manual for public reference.

Some of the policies that parents may wish to read pertaining to enrollment, student transfers, and school choice include:

Policy JCA: Assignment of Students to Schools
Policy JFAA: Admission of Resident Students
Policy JFAAA: Assessing Legal Residence and Domicile
Policy JFAB: Nonresident Students
Policy JFABC: Student Transfers (in the process of being amended)
Policy JFABCA: Voluntary Transfers For Children Of CCSD Employees
Policy JFB: School Choice

The online CCSD policy manual provides links to the S.C. Code of Laws and State Board of Education Regulations for reference within each policy, as appropriate.

The policy manual contains additional information which may be of interest to families as they navigate the school choice process. Please browse the left sidebar of the policy manual for these additional topics.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the student transfer process, please contact your local Constituent Board Offices.

  • Constituent Districts 1 & 2: Trudie Cantrell (843) 937-6378
  • Constituent Districts 3 & 23: Donna Mungin (843) 937-6401
  • Constituent District 4: Toshiba Champaigne (843) 937-6425
  • Constituent District 10: Ashley Chisolm (843) 937-6406
  • Constituent Districts 9 & 20: Sherron Benekin-Thompson (843) 937-6513
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